Foundations of Oscillator Circuit Design

از لینک زیر میتوانید کتاب Foundations of Oscillator Circuit Design را دانلود کنید . این کتاب یکی از بهترین رفرنسها برای آموزش طراحی انواع اسیلاتور میباشد که تمامی مثالهای ان نیز در محیط برنامه ads شبیه سازی شده اند fosc (بیشتر…)

Polynomial metamodel based fast optimization of nano-CMOS oscillator circuits

Modern consumer electronics are designed as analog/mixed-signal systems-on-chip (AMS-SoCs). In an AMS-SoC, the analog and mixed-signal portions have not received systematic attention due to their complex nature and the fact that their optimization and simulation consume significant portions of the design cycle time. This paper presents a new approach to reduce the design cycle time by combining accurate polynomial metamodels and optimization algorithms. The approach relies on a mathematical representation (metamodel or surrogate model) of AMS-SoC subsystems/components. Polynomial metamodels...